This year all of us have changed in one way or another, or perhaps all of them. But we continue to bet on a call to normality in our day-to-day life that keeps us optimistic and eager to move on.

But the world goes on, and we with it. The pandemic has complicated the world, and in what way …
But the earth continues to provide us with the best products to feed our animals, and for us to continue forward and with the spirit that is expected of us. It is up to us to continue with life and move on, with our crops, with our forages and with our hopes for the future.


Although maritime freight complicates our existence, and prevents us from being able to board when we want, we will be there to apply all our know-how and to continue fulfilling our commitments with our clients. It is a year to reflect and to stop a bit, and think about our business model and how to continue creating illusion in our clients and helping them to keep their jobs.

That is why at Inter Urb we have opted to strengthen our AGROINTERURB brand, and we continue to bet on our clients with our work and with our desire to make up for lost time. We are here and we will continue.

You can count on us and together we will make life easier and better, without any doubt.